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 ===== Further Reading ===== ===== Further Reading =====
 +  * [[http://​​wp-content/​uploads/​guru-effect.pdf|The Guru Effect]] by Dan Sperber: "​Obscurity of expression is considered a flaw. Not so, however, in the speech or writing of intellectual gurus. All too often, what readers do is judge profound what they have failed to grasp."​
   * [[http://​​etj/​articles/​cmystery.pdf|Clearing up Mysteries — The Original Goal]] by E. T. Jaynes   * [[http://​​etj/​articles/​cmystery.pdf|Clearing up Mysteries — The Original Goal]] by E. T. Jaynes
   * https://​​questions/​72244/​why-dont-more-academics-write-textbooks   * https://​​questions/​72244/​why-dont-more-academics-write-textbooks
   * https://​​questions/​38639/​thinking-and-explaining   * https://​​questions/​38639/​thinking-and-explaining
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