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-====== Causes ======+====== Causes ​of the Crisis ​====== 
 +<nspages causes -h1 -textPages="">​ 
 {{indexmenu_n>​2}} {{indexmenu_n>​2}}
-In his essay "Are You A Pirate?"​ Michael Arrington uses a pirate analogy, which I think works well for the physics community. On the one hand there are "​normal"​ people, seeking security and stability. On the other hand there are "​pirates",​ seeking adventure and bravely sailing into the unknown. A functioning community, of course, needs both and everyone needs to decide which path he wants to follow. However, in physics there are almost no pirates...+[[causes:​fallacies]] 
 +===== Further Reading =====
-Most modern "model building"​ like drunk person searching for his keys below a street lamp, although he lost it somewhere else in the dark. Everyone is searching where currently light is, although probably the correct theories currently lie in the dark. It does not mean that it will dark there all the time. Maybe a new street lamp will be built in far future. Or a friend with torch comes along or similarly, at some point the night is over! 
-[[causes:pressure_for_conformity]]+  * http://​​tommaso_dorigo/​the_sixmonth_cycle_of_the_experimental_physicist-224911 
 +  * http://​​nature/​journal/​v461/​n7263/​full/​461477a.html?​foxtrotcallback=true;​ Explains nicely how the original vision of the well intended Perimeter institute slowly died. "its rebellious streak is now all but gone."  
 +    * http://​​2009/​09/​looking-back-at-perimeter-institute.html
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